The 7 Most Popular Kitchen Backsplash Designs for a Statement Look

In the realm of interior design, the kitchen backsplash is an unsung hero that can transform a mundane kitchen into a truly remarkable cooking space.

At Brandom Kitchen & Bath, we understand the significance of this often-overlooked element in kitchen design, and we’re here to shed light on the seven most popular kitchen backsplash designs that can turn your kitchen into a statement-making work of art.

Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or simply appreciate the aesthetic beauty of a well-designed kitchen, this blog post is your guide to the 7 most popular kitchen backsplash designs.

1. Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are a classic choice for kitchen backsplashes, known for their clean and versatile look. Their enduring popularity stems from their ability to effortlessly adapt to a wide range of kitchen styles, easily blending in with traditional designs while also providing a perfect canvas for contemporary aesthetics. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless allure of white ceramic subway tiles or the sleek sophistication of glass subway tiles, the options are virtually endless. Their simplicity and adaptability make them a foundational choice for those seeking a timeless and elegant backdrop for their kitchen space. Here are three reasons why they remain a top choice:

  1. Versatile Aesthetics: Subway tiles come in various materials, including ceramic, glass, and even stainless steel. They offer a timeless and versatile backdrop that can complement a range of kitchen styles, from traditional to contemporary.

  2. Easy Maintenance: The smooth surface of subway tiles makes them easy to clean and maintain. A simple wipe-down will keep your kitchen looking fresh and pristine.

  3. Endless Layout Possibilities: While the classic horizontal brick pattern is popular, you can get creative with the layout. Consider a herringbone or vertical stack for a unique twist on this timeless favorite.

2. Mosaic

Mosaic backsplashes are like mini works of art in your kitchen. These captivating designs are celebrated for their ability to infuse a touch of artistic flair into your cooking space. Mosaic tiles allow you to channel your inner artist, offering an unparalleled level of creativity and individuality in your kitchen design. The mosaic design possibilities are as vast as your imagination; you can play with colors, shapes, and patterns to craft a backsplash that is uniquely yours. Let’s explore what makes them a popular choice:

  1. Unlimited Design Possibilities: Mosaic tiles come in a multitude of colors, shapes, and sizes, allowing you to create intricate patterns, murals, or a simple yet captivating design that suits your style.
  2. Texture and Depth: The variety of materials used in mosaics, such as glass, stone, and porcelain, adds depth and texture to your kitchen. It’s an excellent way to introduce personality and character into your cooking space.
  3. Focal Point Potential: A mosaic backsplash can be a focal point in your kitchen. It can draw attention and become a conversation starter, making it an ideal choice for homeowners who want a unique and captivating design.

3. Herringbone

Herringbone patterns are a fresh take on the classic subway tile. With their remarkable visual appeal, they effortlessly infuse your kitchen with a touch of elegance and sophistication. The striking, diagonal arrangement of the tiles in a herringbone pattern creates a captivating visual effect that draws the eye and adds movement to the space. Here’s why they’re gaining popularity:

  1. Elegant Sophistication: Herringbone patterns offer a touch of elegance and a sense of movement to your kitchen. The diagonally laid tiles create a visually captivating effect.

  2. Contemporary Appeal: While herringbone patterns can be used in various materials, they are particularly stunning when done in a sleek and modern material like glass or marble, making them a favorite for contemporary kitchen designs.

  3. Timeless Yet Trendy: Herringbone patterns bridge the gap between classic and trendy. They offer a timeless appeal while staying in tune with current design trends.

4. Geometric Shapes

Embracing geometric shapes in your kitchen backsplash is a daring and stylish choice that embodies the spirit of modern design. The use of geometric patterns allows you to craft a visually captivating space that’s both bold and chic. Be it hexagons, triangles, or a combination of shapes, these patterns inject a sense of artistic ingenuity into your kitchen, making it stand out as a modern marvel. Here’s why geometric patterns are making waves:


  1. Bold and Eye-Catching: Geometric patterns make a strong visual statement. Whether it’s hexagons, triangles, or a combination of shapes, they add a modern, artistic touch to your kitchen.

  2. Customization: With geometric shapes, you have the freedom to create a design that truly reflects your personality and style. You can experiment with different colors and materials to achieve a unique look.

  3. Versatile Pairing: Geometric backsplashes pair well with a variety of countertop materials, from natural stone to solid surfaces, allowing you to play with contrast and balance in your kitchen design.

5. Marble or Marble-Look Tiles

Marble has long been associated with luxury and elegance in interior design. Its timeless appeal has made it a favorite choice among homeowners who desire a kitchen with a touch of opulence. However, not everyone wants to deal with the maintenance and cost of natural marble. This is where marble-look tiles come into play, offering all the beauty of marble without the associated drawbacks. Let’s explore why marble & marble-look tiles are a popular choice for kitchen backsplashes:

  1. Timeless Elegance: Marble’s classic beauty never goes out of style. Marble-look tiles offer the same luxurious aesthetic without the high maintenance and cost of natural marble.

  2. Light Reflection: Marble’s natural luster reflects light, making your kitchen appear brighter and more spacious. It’s an excellent choice for smaller kitchens or those with limited natural light.

  3. Variety of Hues: Marble-look tiles come in a range of colors, allowing you to select a shade that complements your kitchen’s color scheme and style.


6. Glass Tiles

Glass tiles bring a sense of sleek sophistication to your kitchen that is truly unparalleled. Their reflective properties not only add a touch of luxury but also create a sense of depth and dimension. The allure of glass is twofold; it can serve as a striking focal point, or it can seamlessly blend into the overall design, depending on your preferences. The broad spectrum of colors available in glass tiles provides you with endless opportunities to match your kitchen’s color palette or introduce a delightful contrast. Here’s why they are gaining popularity:


  1. Reflective Elegance: Glass tiles add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your kitchen. They reflect light, creating a sense of depth and dimension.

  2. Colorful Choices: Glass tiles are available in a wide range of colors, making it easy to find the perfect shade to match or contrast with your kitchen’s color palette.

  3. Easy to Clean: Glass tiles are non-porous and easy to clean, making them a practical choice for busy kitchens where spills and splashes are common.

7. Metal Accents

Metal accents in kitchen backsplashes offer a unique blend of industrial chic that is taking the design world by storm. The inclusion of metal as a primary or accent material introduces an undeniable sense of modernity and rugged sophistication to your kitchen space. This trend is especially appealing for those who gravitate towards contemporary or urban-inspired designs. Here’s why they’re becoming a favorite among homeowners:


  1. Industrial Aesthetic: Metal backsplashes add an industrial, contemporary touch to your kitchen. They work exceptionally well in modern or urban-inspired designs.

  2. Durability: Metals such as stainless steel and copper are highly durable and resistant to heat and moisture, making them ideal for a kitchen environment.

  3. Easy Maintenance: Metal backsplashes are a breeze to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for those who want a hassle-free kitchen.


In Conclusion, the kitchen backsplash is undeniably the unsung hero of kitchen design, capable of turning an ordinary culinary space into a true work of art. At Brandom Kitchen’s & Bath, we’re dedicated to helping you explore the diverse world of kitchen backsplash designs, each offering a unique statement-making potential. Whether you find yourself drawn to the timeless elegance of subway tiles, the artistry of mosaics, the contemporary allure of herringbone or geometric patterns, or the opulence of marble-look tiles, there’s a design that perfectly encapsulates your style.

With our expertise and your vision, your kitchen can become a masterpiece of design. The kitchen is more than just a place to prepare meals; it’s a space where memories are made and shared. Your kitchen should be a reflection of you, and our experts at Brandom Kitchen’s & Bath can help you achieve a remarkable and timeless space that will be the heart of your home. We’re ready to assist you in turning your kitchen into a space that is not only functional but a true work of art, where every moment is a culinary and design experience to be cherished. Your dream kitchen is within reach; all it takes is the right backsplash to turn it into a reality.

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