Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation

A complete bathroom makeover is a must-have for any home renovation project. Bathroom redesign and remodeling can be a lengthy process. Putting in new cabinets and determining the most fitting sanitary tiles, the process goes through various challenging stages. Brandom Kitchens & Bath Design Centre offer you current design ideas, plumbing guides, appliance reviews, and much more to help you on your way.

Fully Customized Bathroom Remodeling

Are you fed up with your bathroom’s broken and falling fittings after home renovation? Are you ready to make it a spa-like environment where you can relax? If you are stuck, our team can help! We have expert designers and skilled builders to turn your vision into a reality, whether you want to remodel an existing bathroom or build a new one. We’ll create a three-dimensional visualization of your new bathroom that you can explore virtually and make aesthetic adjustments to.

Lighting, Counters, Fixtures, Shower and Bath Finishes, and Flooring are available options.

Quick Upgrade with Single Installation!

Brandom Kitchens & Bath Design Centre would be pleased to replace your old tub with an elegant shower if the timing does not need to be suitable for a complete overhaul, but you want to go for a home renovation and upgrade your bath.

Style, color, finish, and accessories can all be customized to your preferences.

A walk-in tub is a good choice for aging family members with mobility concerns. They provide a safer option for all your needs than tubs with a basin wall. It also has luxury amenities like hydrotherapy jets, making it simple to forget your worries.

Complete Bathroom Renovations

In Ontario, Canada, we provide the best bathroom renovations and the finest bathroom remodeling services. You may find bathroom redesign firms all around the globe. However, finding a fresh look for your bathroom can be complicated, so we’ve compiled various bathroom remodeling ideas from the latest fashions, ranging from relaxing tubs to stunning vanities and sleek showers.

How Do We Design Your Bathroom?

  1. A Space-Saving Vanity Set is installed.

The vanity is the most commonly used piece of furniture in a bathroom. It may seem crowded when there’s a double vanity in such a little area. For tiny baths, a single vanity or pedestal sink is often chosen. If you want more than one sink, go for a floating vanity with two sinks. The openness underneath will make your bath feel spacious, and the top and storage space is about the same.

  1. Stylish Mirrors

You can add the illusion of depth by using a mirror while doing bathroom redesign. Your little bath looks brighter and lighter because of a mirror that reflects light. Get the most out of any natural light that enters from a window by hanging mirrors facing it? Hence, the illusion of infinite space improves by placing mirrors side by side.

  1. Vibrant Color

For a little bath, especially an accent wall, bold colors can be a powerful option. Do you see bright blue walls with clean white trim and lighting? White immediately makes any space feel bigger and lighter. A semi-gloss or gloss finish is a stylish modern small bathroom option. The brightness level will be amplified by glossy finishes that reflect light. A modest bath will feel calming instead of confined with a neutral color scheme due to the monochromatic appearance of beige, brown, and white.

  1. Add Wall Storage

Clutter has the potential to make any room seem smaller and less appealing. Floating shelves, towel bars, and hooks can help you maximize the space in your home. Shelves store and organize everything from toiletries to towels, using every inch of your bath area. On the back of a door, hooks are perfect for hanging bathrobes or towels.

  1. Managing Shower Space

Another wall in a bathroom is created by installing a bathtub or shower. To give the perception of more room, you have various options. Hanging the shower curtain at or near the ceiling will give the impression of height if you have a freestanding tub. We eliminate the “wall” to create a visually larger area and use a clear glass shower door. To make floor space, replace a swing-out shower glass with a shower curtain.

  1. Improved Lighting

The more spacious and inviting a space is, the brighter it may seem. Light fixtures made of reflective metals with opaque colors are a good option. Select lighted mirrors or medical cabinets if they’re close or in front of mirrors. To the vanity tops, add lamps. To eliminate shadows, install strip lights beneath shelves or hang cabinets.

  1. Installation Services You Can Trust

Your bathroom is one of the most significant spaces in the home. You need to have products that work well and look great, and you want to be sure they are installed by a team that knows what they’re doing. That’s where Brandom Bath comes in.

You can trust Brandom Kitchens & Bath Design Centre’s award-winning team to finish your bathroom remodeling with the ultimate level of craftsmanship while installing your favorite products. Because of our unwavering dedication to customer service, including an A+ rating from our customers, we have received several accolades since our founding. Contact Brandom Remodeling to get started.

Why is Brandom Bathroom Redesign Services Perfect for You?

Brandom Bathroom Redesign Services is the best solution if you are looking for an excellent way to improve your home and give it a fresh look. Our team of bathroom renovation experts are skilled in renovating both traditional bathtubs and modern walk-in showers, giving you everything from a simple update to something new and unique. Plus, our services are affordable and fast – so putting this project on your list of priorities is the right choice!

Here are the reasons why your bathroom renovation project needs Brandom Kitchens & Bath Design Centre Services

  • Our designers are here to create a custom bathroom that suits your preferences and style.
  • While you choose materials from our design center, we’ll assist you at every step of the bathroom renovation process.
  • With our 3D modeling services, you will know what the finished product should look like.
  • We’ll send you a schedule of when we’ll begin and finish your bathroom remodeling, along with any questions you may have.
  • You may contact our whole team involved in your project, see all of your papers, and do everything with the touch of a button thanks to our online messaging gateway.
  • We are affordable, quick, and quality-conscious

We Don’t Quit until You are Satisfied

Our team and trading partners work hard to communicate and be on time. You will get a comprehensive written agreement that specifies the job description and payment conditions. Each project has a project manager who is dedicated to the completion of your project.

To ensure our clients are satisfied, we go to great lengths. We will only quit once you are 100% satisfied. A lot is going on at our company, and we want to ensure that your home renovation experience with us is positive. We take pride in our customer service. We will always go an extra mile for ensuring you are satisfied with your project.