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The Greener Side of Brandom

Brandom loves the great outdoors as much as the next person.

How is Brandom going green?

At Brandom, we recognize that it is everyone’s responsibility to do their part to reduce their impact on the environment and even more so for Brandom, since we utilize some of mother nature’s greatest gifts.

Our main cabinetry supplier “Deslaurier” is committed to using green manufacturing practices and materials.

Deslaurier has developed a water based finishing system, stain/paint, sealer and topcoat, with inherent benefits to the environment and our clients.

In addition the construction is also EPP (Environmental Preferred Product) certified and only the highest quality of veneers are selected, with upgrades including “NuGreen” particle board and Purbond plywood construction which offers further enhanced environmental qualities.

Less Paper

Whenever possible, Brandom uses digital files instead of hard copies. We have significantly reduced our use of paper within the office.


We recycle. We recycle everything… if it fits inside a blue bin, we’ll make sure it ends up there!

If your cupboards are reusable… why not $ave by donating them to Habitat for Humanity?

Habitat Durham linked here