The Ultimate Guide To Kitchen Renovation Space-Saving

Kitchen Renovation: Space-saving

Homemakers are always looking for ways to modernize their kitchens by modifying the outlook, design, color schemes, and storage ideas. Urbanization has piled up apartments, flats, and confined living spaces for many people, so the trend has shifted to space-saving designs. The electronic equipment is a helping hand that settle-down in the corners of our kitchens and takes up a lot of space, so the kitchen renovation models have to tuck in all the machinery alongside neatness and uniqueness. Let’s look at the latest kitchen remodeling ideas, keeping in view the current needs of the usual lifestyle.

Kitchen Cabinets and Shelves:

One wrong kitchen cabinet can be more irritating than one can predict; housemakers must remodel it as soon as possible, whether it is the wrong position or incorrect depth. There are a few points to avoid installation mistakes especially when you are trying to implement small kitchen design ideas:

1.    Accurate Depth of Cabinet over Refrigerator

You must carefully measure the depth of the cabinet above the refrigerator. If the cabinet over the fridge doesn’t open at the level of the refrigerator door, one has to use the stool or ladder to open it every time. Eventually, that incorrect cabinet depth leaves that space wasted, and things start piling up over the refrigerator instead. The deeper cabinet over the fridge costs very little compared to the permanent trouble caused by the wrong kitchen cabinet depth.

2.    Install Open Shelves

Another helpful tip is to install open shelves in the kitchen. They are multipurpose; the lack of sections helps place things of different sizes on them; one can keep their height and number according to the space available in the kitchen. In addition to customization, it adds to the aesthetic of a kitchen if appropriately decorated. On an important note, one must mark the position for open shelf support brackets before installing the backsplash to keep the process neat.

3.    Right Size and Space

Normal kitchen cabinets should be carefully selected in terms of size and space. The base cabinets are directly placed on the ground. The upper cabinets need solid frames and support to keep them hanging against gravity; therefore more costly, but extending them to the ceiling is preferred for a maximized space. A cropped upper kitchen cabinet gives an impression of a low-ceiling kitchen and also wastes the upper space that can otherwise hold up less used utensils.

4.    Storage Section

The storage section can be moved out of the kitchen into a nearby room or closet for even smaller kitchens.

Electronic devices:

Machines like a toaster, coffee machines, mixers, blenders, food factories, microwaves, ovens, fridges, etc., are used in almost every home, so they have to be rightly installed or placed in a kitchen. In small kitchen design ideas we can consider a few tips on their placement:

1.    Use Left-Out Spaces

Instead of cutting out a corner for every electronic appliance separately, it is easier to use the left-out spaces between cabinets or slabs. For example, a mini fridge can smartly take up space between two counters and fit in without disturbing the ready design.

2.    Power Outlets

One can add power outlets to the kitchen island to save space in the walls.

3.    Use Kitchen Island

Major electrical appliances get installed in the walls, like microwave ovens, but the smaller appliances can be placed on the kitchen island to use the maximum space. In that case, selecting a spacious one is essential during the kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Furniture:

The choice of kitchen furniture depends upon the size of the family, space available in the kitchen, etc., but some mistakes scream for ‘renovation’:

1.    Space Around Kitchen Island

The size of the kitchen island doesn’t matter, but the space around it matters a lot! If a thick bottom is bought, it constantly hits the legs while trying to sit comfortably around it. In order to fit in, people have to use more space around the table and often block the passage even. Ideally, a 36 inches high countertop should have 15 inches of depth for knee clearance.

2.    Overhanging Countertop

Maximizing space isn’t always helpful; for instance, the overhanging countertop shouldn’t keep the alignment with the cabinets underneath, which would avoid spilling liquids inside the kitchen cabinets.

3.    Install Rolling Pantry

If there is space left between a countertop and fridge, you can install a rolling pantry to store cans and bottles.

4.    Folding tables

A folding table top over the kitchen island can save up a lot of space for smaller kitchens.

5.    Add Organizers

Organizers are a must-have addition. Owners can use them to make floating or fixed sections in the cabinets. Creating sections to add sequence and a modern space-saving look is budget friendly and renewable according to changing needs.

Kitchen Corners:

Kitchen corners are usually left unutilized most of the time. If a kitchen needs space-saving and you have to implement small kitchen design ideas, it is essential to bring the kitchen corners to their full use.

1.    Sink Installation

A sink can be installed in the corner with a faucet adjusted to expand the sink usage area greatly.

2.    Lazy Susan

You can install lazy susan, corner kitchen cabinets, or corner fitted appliances during the renovation. Corner floating shelves and corner cutting table-shelf are also helpful.

3.    Floating Organizers

If the corner isn’t ideal for usage, one should use it to add decorative items like vases, plants, jars, etc. Renovators can place floating organizers or shelves in such areas to maximize customization.

Spacious Look:

1.    Minimalist Design

If you are looking for small kitchen design ideas just remember that a small kitchen needs minimalist designs to look spacious and tidy. Since a kitchen already has too many must-have appliances, flowery or multicolored sections would make it look overloaded and constricted. A few conspicuous colors and minimal design patterns should replace too many colors.

2.    Light Hanging

A friendly kitchen renovation item is a beautiful light hanging. It doesn’t cost much but can add wonders to the impression of a spacious, bright kitchen. Lights over countertops, decent shades of marble, light-colored curtains, and hanging ceiling lamps can add good essence to a small kitchen without a significant budget shift.


Efficient function, storage organization, and a comfortable outlook are vital components of some good kitchen time. The base stands on the inner satisfaction that we have space in the kitchen to move around and place everything correctly, and it looks modern according to the latest trends. All of that requires creativity to make exclusive use of the available space and develop the best solution according to your general kitchen area.